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We have extensive experience representing clients in all types of real property transactions from simple Civic Center Act uses to complicated sales and purchases with funding requirements.

We have considerable expertise in disposition of property, surplus property determinations and 7-11 committees. We advise our clients and prepare virtually all documents for these matters from 7-11 committee agendas, draft reports and findings, to the Board’s acceptance of the 7-11 committee’s recommendations. We then advise our clients on the process of public offerings to sell or lease, the subsequent bidding and the negotiation of the sale.

More often our clients do not wish to sell their property, but instead wish to more fully utilize a parcel of real property and maintain its institutional value. In these more commons situations, we advise on and prepare for our clients joint use lease agreements, joint occupancy agreements, licenses, easements, exchange agreements, community recreation agreements, and Civic Center Act uses. We have a thorough understanding of methods that allow California school districts to profitably utilize their real property, including cell tower agreements, billboard agreements and all manner of joint use structures.

We have helped our public agency clients acquire nearly 250 pieces of property from individuals, corporations and other agencies. Frequently, the acquisitions have been completed without acrimony or litigation between the client and the property owner. Of course, in some instances, circumstances dictate a more aggressive approach and require litigation. In these instances, our firm uses its depth of knowledge and extensive litigation experience to successfully litigate matters through trial in eminent domain and inverse condemnation matters.

We have hands-on experience in planning and zoning requirements. Our firm handles all aspects of obtaining governmental approvals, entitlements, and permits including general plans, specific plans, zoning, zoning exemptions, conditional use permits, and coastal development permits.

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    Sarine A. Abrahamian is an Equity Partner at Orbach Huff & Henderson. Sarine focuses on public agency real property acquisition, disposition, leas...

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