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Rodolfo Estrada has worked for over a decade in special education law in both California and New York. His experience includes the intersection of education and disability law, the development and implementation of school policies and procedures, special education disputes, and presenting and simplifying complex legal material for diverse audiences, including parents, regional center staff, and district personnel. Before representing school districts, Rodolfo ran a 20-site special education-focused training program at a legal services nonprofit. He has also worked as the Executive Director of a nonprofit and a Senior Associate at a criminal justice think tank. Rodolfo has degrees from Stanford University; the University of California College of the Law, San Francisco (formerly Hastings); and Columbia University’s Teachers College.

Rodolfo has a green thumb and has an indoor/balcony forest, which includes several endangered carnivorous plants.

  • Employment and Personnel
  • Special Education
  • Governance of Public Entities
  • Civil Rights
  • Student Services
  • Charter Schools